Crime Scene Inc. Testimonials

“To Sal, Thank you very much for all you and your company has done for my family. The level of professionalism can not be described. The compassion and concern that you and your crew demonstrated is something that we will always be grateful for. You went out of your way to try to make this situation as easy as possible. We thank you whole heartedly.”
Veronica Fusco

“Sal, Marco, and crew, Just a note to say a hearty thank you to you and your crew. You often say that when people meet you it’s usually the worst day of their lives. And how you met our family was no different. It was truly the worst day of my sister’s life. And not only did you do what you were called upon to in her home that night, you went so far above and beyond that our family can only call you and your crew a Godsend! Representing my sister and her family’s best interests with the insurance company, arranging for a new furnace, and setting them up in a hotel was more than anyone could ever hope for. But putting in the hours you all did to clean her home and have every stitch of clothing laundered to ease the difficult day when they returned home is an amazing selfless act of which our family is still beside ourselves over. The compassion and concern that you and your crew demonstrated is something that we will always be grateful for! Thanks again for everything.”
Chris Bauer

“Sal at Crime Scene Inc. has been an absolute professional and extremely helpful. We had a very difficult hoarding situation to deal with and Crime Scene Inc. was very flexible in coming to give an estimate and coming up with different plans to help alleviate the intractable problem. They had an array of creative solutions and it was all handled with empathy and professionalism. Thank you, Sal. You’re the best!”
Cindy Hoskey

“I want to thank Crime Scene Inc. for doing such a wonderful job cleaning up my aunts home after a most unfortunate situation had occurred. I would recommend them to everyone. I couldn’t have imagine doing it myself.”
Geraldine Freel

“The men and women from Crime Scene Inc. and Restoration are kind, curtious and extremely professional.”
Marika Roumer

“Where to Start On July 2 2012 my son ended his short life. In the condition i was in, i was in no shape to look up a cleaning company or crime scene cleaning company. Thank god though the police had referred me to you and you were more then any one could have expected. Thank you for everything you people did for me this terrible day. The staff wasvery helpful and thorough. I wish you all the best and i will keep you all in my weekly prayers. Thanks again!”