Meth Lab Clean Up Service

There is a reason meth is illegal…actually there are quite a few reasons. Meth damages the mind, body, looks and sanity of the person using it. The affects are clearly visible in even a short amount of time. But one of the most difficult issues related to meth does not necessarily even affect the users, it can damage homes and lives of people that have never even considered using the drug. Meth Manufacturing is a process that releases toxic chemicals into the air and if the residue is not decontaminated, the health threats will continue to haunt anyone residing or existing in the environment until it is professionally sanitized. If you suspect that the area located in Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or West Virginia has been used to cook meth – contact Maryland Recovery for Meth Lab Cleanup Services.

Unfortunately, not all meth labs get busted. But those that do are usually documented and many states require professional decontamination procedures be completed by experts with the correct cleaning chemicals, procedures and safety equipment. Our professional meth lab cleaners are willing to work with property owners, law enforcement, real-estate companies and whomever else wants to ensure a location is returned back to safety after being a location for drug operations.

Meth Lab Testing Services

Cleaning up a former methamphetamine lab is critical if the area used to cook the illegal drug is going to be occupied again. Some locations that were used as meth manufacturing locations have been documented, if they were seized by law enforcement officer in certain states. But if there was never documented proof or a law enforcement bust, there could possibly be no indication that meth was ever present. And some states don’t require a seller disclosure and many meth manufacturing labs go undetected. Our biohazard cleaning technicians can test your location and determine if your home may be filled with the toxic residue as a result of meth manufacturing.

Red Flags leading to Meth Production:

  • Do your research and check with National Clandestine Laboratory Register –
  • Research local police records of the property, arrests and any complaints.
  • Look for hazardous waste substances around the house such as acetone, drain cleaner, paint thinner, phosphorus, ether, and brake cleaner.
  • Check for rubber tubing, gloves, dust masks, coolers, and propane tanks.
  • Have an inspector evaluate the home before closing on it.
  • Look for burns, stains, residue and odors.

Certified Meth Lab Decontamination

Meth can be cooked in homes, apartments, hotels, motels, rooms, basements, sheds, RVs, trailers, warehouses, storage facilities. They often pop up in the strangest places and even right under our nose. No matter where meth manufacturing occurs, the fact remains that meth seeps into the entire location making it a major health risk.

Professional decontamination is the only way to restore a property where meth manufacturing occurred. It can also allow meth lab locations to conceal their history, depending on the state. And in some areas it can be a selling point. There is no way you can lose by contacting our qualified biohazard decontamination professionals.

Meth manufacturing spreads toxic chemical, Maryland Recovery can eliminate them – contact us for our meth lab cleanup services if you are in Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or West Virginia at 855-700-4960.

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