Flood, Water, & Sewage Clean Up Service

It is critical to think fast when dealing with water damage, sewage restoration and flood remediation in order to prevent further damage. While time is of the essence, it is also important to hire professionals that are specialized in the tasks that you need them to perform. Maryland Recovery has a team of restoration experts available to help you when you need immediate property restoration due to water, sewage or a flood. We offer our Flood, Water, & Sewage Cleanup Services for residential and commercial properties in the states of Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Flood Damage Restoration

Floodwater many be the most dangerous of all. It is deceiving because it may not seem dirty, smell dirty or look dirty but the fact is that it is very dirty. Though usually there are no noticeable indications that floodwater is dangerous, it is as hazardous as sewage waste. Flood water can travel through many paths and few are clean routes. Flood water carries the same pathogen risks as sewage, regardless if it looks clean.

Water Damage Remediation

Our fully trained water damage restoration team is well equipped and knows how to return your property back to a state that is both presentable and safe. Our team knows how to minimize the damages of water. One thing you can do as a property owner is immediately cut of the source of the water, or turn the water off at your location – if at all possible. This is the fastest and most effective way to prevent further damage. After you act to immediately control the water source causing the issue, contact us because the work is not done. We offer immediate response, we have seen first-hand what can happen when water sits for long periods of time and the cost of restoration multiplies because complete replacement is needed and repairs are now out of the question.

Sewage Cleanup & Sanitation

Sewage is a ghastly smell and for good reasons. Sewage is riddled with viruses, bacteria and even fungi; all of which can pose potential health threats, such as skin infections, rashes, gastrointestinal illnesses and even Hepatitis A. if the germs are not eliminated after a backup. Toilet, sewage and septic backups that expose human waste need to be controlled and restored by professionals that specialize in the procedures that will guarantee safety upon completion.

Certified Flood, Water, & Sewage Restoration

Our environmental restoration specialists have the tools, technology and equipment needed to successfully remove the water, sewage or floodwater from your home. We will not leave until moisture tests confirm safe levels and we inspect and address not just the cosmetic damages but the structural damages as well.

Not only is being up-close and personal with circumstances dangerous to your health, they can be quite hard to stomach, contact Maryland Recovery for professional flood, water, & sewage cleanup services if you’re in the states of Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or West Virginia at 855-700-4960.

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