Mold Remediation Service

Just because something occurs naturally does not make it safe. Mold is a fantastic example of such things. Though mold is found in almost every environment, both outdoor and indoor but high levels of mold can be harmful. If you are a residential or commercial property and have unveiled a mold problem, Maryland Recovery has your solution. Our certified professionals offer Mold Remediation Services for Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or West Virginia.

Mold Removal Specialists

If you notice a little mold development on a surface, usually a soapy scrub, thorough dry and dehumidification methods may be enough. But if you notice a sizable patch of fast growing mold, it is best to seek out professional mold remediation and removal services. Our biohazard cleaners are qualified to successfully eliminate any degree of mold issues that may leave you with quite a headache…for more than one reason.

What is Mold?

Mold needs three basic elements to develop and flourish: Water, Oxygen and Organic Material. These are three pretty basic things, found most everywhere on our planet. Which means mold development is also common. Mold is considered a fungus that comes in many colors, the most common are gray, green, orange and black. Unidentified mold indoors is known to lead to sick building syndrome (SBS), which can lead to numerous health issues. Mold grows

Why Does Mold Occur and How to Prevent it?

We have already established that mold needs three elements to survive and thrive. In indoor environment many times mold develops due to excess moisture. There are a few ways to prevent moisture…if your property has a water leak of any kind, it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Repairing the source of a leak, whether it be due to roof damages or water escaping from pipes is the first step. From there you must ensure the affected area dries in a timely manner, fans and open windows will help this process. If damages are not the cause it may be your ventilation system… be sure your bathroom fan is working and your laundry room has adequate ventilation, or a dehumidifier if nothing else.

A high level of mold can drastically diminish the amount your home or other property will sell for, possibly even eliminate the chances of a buyer and may even result in a lawsuit. If you have identified mold and you just want to leave your property, our services may be a more financially wise investment. Realtors have an obligation to document properties with a mold problem and landlords are require to disclose any mold issues a property might have to the tenants. Our services can see to it that your home doesn’t get labeled as ‘mold infested’.

The Health Dangers of Molds:

  • Allergic Reactions
  • Sinus Pain
  • Headaches
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Respiratory Issues
  • Skin Irritation
  • Memory Loss (Rare)
  • Pulmonary Hemorrhage (Rare)

Certified Mold Remediation Contractors

Our professional mold removal services are more advanced and thorough than anything you could complete yourself. We have the correct chemical agents, protective equipment, and procedures that will effectively eradicate any harmful mold presence. We can restore even the most horribly mold contaminated locations with our specific procedures.

Contact our professional mold remediation specialists to restore the safety of your residential or commercial property located in Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or West Virginia at 855-700-4960.

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