Unattended Death Clean Up Service

Cleaning up after a dead body is a hard action to even imagine, it is also a very dangerous task. Unattended Death Cleanup is a service Maryland Recovery offers, whether you need help cleaning up after a natural death, murder, suicide or accident – dead body cleanup is emotionally and physically dangerous. If you are around the states of Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or West Virginia hire a professional, you won’t regret our services.

Unattended Death Cleaning Services

The death of a loved one is hard to see and it’s even harder if their body has been lifeless for some time. Body decomposition begins the very moment that death occurs and if a person dies and is not found within a couple hours the scene becomes increasingly haunting. Many times it is not just visually upsetting but also the odor can be quite overwhelming. Though the process of body decomposition is natural, it is toxic and the longer a body sits, the more dangers it can pose for the people close to it and the location it is in.

Unattended Death Area Sanitation

Surface Decontamination – The surfaces that have had direct contact with a decomposing body need to be removed. For instance – many times the biohazards seep down into carpet, then the padding and through floorboards and depending on your property, through the ceiling below. Each and every trace of a decomposing body is a serious health risk and should be handled with extreme caution and it is recommended only by a professional. An unattended death is unfortunate, don’t risk adding to the misfortune by trying to complete a cleanup task most could not even bear to witness.

Air Purifying – Often the reason an unattended death is noticed is due to the smell. The odor that you smell is not like anything you’ve sensed before and, on top of that, it’s a serious health risk. The alarming smell of an unattended death is due to airborne toxins that are being released from the decomposing body and traveling into your airways and the airways of anyone else noticing the smell. It is critical that the air is purified when completing a decomposing body cleanup service, if the odor remains it means bacteria is still present and the area is still danger.

Decomposing Body Removal Service

We are educated, trained and knowledgeable about the strict regulations OSHA and the DEC have set in place for biohazard decontamination, transportation and disposal. Our services are always discreet and restoration of safety is guaranteed. Our specialized death cleanup professionals can decontamination homes, apartments, businesses, vehicles and any other kind of location that has been exposed to a decomposing body.

Insurance Accepted Death Cleanup Services

There are many long term risk factors when dealing with an area that decomposition has occurred and because of these serious threats many times insurance will help or completely cover professional unattended death cleaning. They understand that the costs of cleaning up properly outweigh the costs of improper cleanup and disposal. Maryland Recovery wants to keep you safe and help retain the dignity of the person that has died alone.

Contact Maryland Recovery for immediate unattended death decontamination services around and in the state of Maryland, our trained professionals understand that the longer a decomposing body is left the more risks it brings to everyone around it. Call us 24/7/365 at 855-700-4960.

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