Hoarding Clean Up Service

Hoarding Cleanup Services, when completed properly, help the individual dealing with the hoarding disorder get their life back. If you need hoarding help, know a hoarder that is ready for a fresh start or have recently become responsible for a property that has a hoarding collection Maryland Recovery can help. Our specialized hoarding cleanup team is made up of passionate and understanding professionals that recognizes this process takes time. We want to help everyone that lives or frequents an environment that has seen excessive hoarding by supporting them in deciding how they want to take control. If you are in, or near Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or West Virginia contact us for our courteous hoarding professionals to assist you.

Specialized Hoarding Cleanup Services

Hoarding cleanup is a service that helps you sort through all of your items. Hoarders seem to seek out help when their condition makes it hard to live, have people over and discourages them from enjoying the things they use to. A hoarding disorder can take over someone’s life…but with the proper help, restoration is possible. We will not only clean, sort and organize the collections but we can also give you tools and contacts to help you maintain the environment.

Hoarding Cleanup Process

Anxiety, embarrassment, loss of control, overwhelmed…these are all common and frequent feelings someone with a hoarding disorder experienced. Whether it be hourly, weekly, monthly or yearly, our team thinks any amount of time feeling like this is too much. The truth of the matter is not every item a hoarder saves will be useful in the future. And our team can help with the process of determining if the item will cause more harm than good when left in your home. It is understandable to be sentimental about items, but not every item is worthy of a place in your home and too many items risk the health and life of everyone in the environment – family, friends, pets, even your safety. Maryland Recovery will help you find a balance and keep it.

Dangers of Hoarding are Real:

Risk of Fire – The more items in a home, the higher the chances are for a fire and the more fuel the fire has to spread.

Entrance and Exits – When piles accumulate, there is less space to move around. This can turn low risk situations into high risk, easily. If firefighters can’t find a person through the smoke, flames and all the belongings, chances of an easy escape are less…and if they can’t find a way to get into your home, the danger may be unescapable. If you call 911 for an emergency and are non-responsive by the time they enter the location, it will take them much longer to find you.

Indoor Air Pollutants – Indoor air impurities like cigarette smoke, mold, mildew, carbon monoxide and radon can be magnified due to excessive collections.

Bio-hazards – When collections grow, keeping a clean home becomes harder and if the property can’t be cleaned biohazards can easily develop and remain present, yet unknown to you.

Certified Hoarding Help

Bring your home back to a clean, orderly, healthy and organized state with the help of Maryland Recovery. We won’t pile bags at the end of your street, or trash everything. We have a method that will help you detach from the items that are no longer needed in your home. Doing so will allow the important items to have a place in your home that are easily accessible and proudly displayed.

Contact Maryland Recovery if you need hoarding cleanup services in Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or West Virginia at 855-700-4960.

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