Blood Cleanup Service Baltimore

Blood cleanup services are quite often necessary when an accident, injury, or other type of trauma occurs and leaves any amount of blood on a surface, pooled, or surrounding a location. It is never a wise idea to come in contact with blood that is not your own. Crime Scene Inc. has blood decontamination specialists that offer our services to residential, commercial and industrial properties located in and around Baltimore, Maryland.

Baltimore Certified Blood Cleaning Services

Blood is an essential fluid that circulates through each of our bodies. It transports nutrients and other critical components to the entire body, from head to toe. While blood is a defense system against infection, it can also be prone to infection. And coming into contact with infected blood is a dangerous move. When faced with blood spill that is not your own, there’s no visible clues to determine if the blood is infected. With the naked eye, it looks just like your own, red and very likely to stain. But each person’s blood is different and the key elements that run through our veins are microscopic, as are the components found in it, which can include an array of viruses.

Blood Cleanup Prevents Blood-borne Pathogen Transmission

Blood-borne pathogens can be transmitted many ways, from needles to bites, broken skin to sexual contact with an infected person. The only surefire way to know that someone is clean of any and all serious blood transmissible diseases is to perform a blood test. Direct contact with another’s blood, no matter how much you care for them, will put you at risk. Our blood cleaning professionals will eliminate that risk effectively and promptly.

Blood Contact Risks

Hepatitis – Some types of hepatitis can survive outside of the body for a couple days, weeks, or even months. The CDC reports that there are up to 4 million Americans living with hepatitis and most of them are unaware of it. Hepatitis is an actual, and very possible risk when coming into contact with blood that is not yours or a surface that has not been properly sanitized after experiencing bloodshed.

HIV – According to the CDC, among Americans living with HIV, one in seven have no knowledge of it. HIV is similar to the common cold except, unlike a cold, your body can’t eradicate the presence of HIV. Instead, HIV masks itself to trick your body and continues to attack your vital cells and break down your immune system. HIV is an infection with no known cure; only treatment through management.

The risks of coming in contact with blood spill are far too severe to ignore. If you own any type of property in Baltimore that has experienced blood or body fluid exposure, it is best to let trained professionals sanitize the area for your safety and the safety of everyone else who enters. Our blood cleaners have completed multiple certifications and are well versed with personal safety equipment and correct cleaning chemicals and technologies to eliminate the threats of blood exposure.

Contact Crime Scene Inc. for blood cleanup services and sanitation of any area if you see blood at 855-700-4960.

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