Hoarding Cleanup MD

Hoarding Help MarylandSure, we all enjoy collecting items or memorabilia that have a special place in our heart. Collecting is not a bad thing, as long as it is properly managed. As much as some people do not want to admit it, some of these individuals that began collecting items slowly turn into hoarders. Studies have shown that the average age of a hoarder is 50 years old. If you or someone that you know in the Maryland area struggles with hoarding in the household, it is important that professional cleanup help is provided quickly. That is where Crime Scene Inc., your local hoarding cleanup specialists come in handy!

Common Signs of a Hoarder

  • Collect Anything They Can Get Their Hands On – Often times, a hoarder will collect a wide array of items that may even appear useless to some.
  • Cluttered Living Area – If you visit a hoarder, their living spaces are very cluttered and some of the rooms in their residence may not be usable because of all of the collected items. Don’t be surprised if they are too embarrassed for you to enter their home.
  • Difficulty Getting Rid of Items – One of the toughest things for a hoarder is to get rid of the items that they have collected. If you know a hoarder, working with them to get rid of clutter in their home can become an extremely difficult task.

Hoarding Help in Maryland

Our cleaning specialists are licensed and certified to handle hoarding cleanup projects big or small. Our team will assist you every step of the way to help you sort through the items, organize items that are salvageable, as well as sanitize the home in depth. Depending on the mess and length of time this individual has been hoarding items, we may find underlying issues such as animal filth, cockroaches, and even mice. Let us get rid of any hazardous items and create a livable area where you do not risk tripping and falling over piles and boxes. We can help these hoarders get control of their life, no matter how bad the situation is. Let us restore the residence to the way it was before the hoarding began.

So, if someone that you know in Maryland has an issue with hoarding or is showing signs, partner with Crime Scene Inc., today to help get their home back to a healthy, liveable state. Give us a call today at 1-855-700-4960 to learn more about our professional hoarding cleanup services.