Homicide Cleaners Maryland

Homicide Cleanup MarylandCrime Scene Inc. is there when you need them the most. Our compassionate professionals are specialized training in Crime Scene Restoration techniques that meet or exceed government standards for safe handling of Biohazard Materials. Families and loved ones of a Maryland homicide victim should not be burdened with Murder Cleaning or Death Cleanup. This is an extremely traumatizing situation that requires skill, compassion, tact and discretion. Our technicians go above and beyond when handling all Maryland Crime Scene Sanitation jobs.


Crime Scene Sanitation Experts

The death of a loved one is quite difficult on many different levels. The actual scene of the crime often contains biohazardous materials including Blood, Tissue and Body Fluids. Blood and other biological contaminants must be dealt with by Crime Scene Sanitation Experts who follows strict safety procedures.

Crime Scene Restoration Elements

When taking care of murder cleaning or death scene cleanup, Certified Technicians from Crime Scene Inc. follow strict procedures and utilize the following safety elements. All precautions must be followed to ensure safety of anyone who enters the death scene.

  • Protective Gear for personal protection may include gloves, boots, respirators, face protection and hazmat suits.
  • Hospital Grade Chemicals are used to decontaminate and sanitize a homicide scene to restore it to a habitable environment.
  • Specialized High-Tech Cleaning Equipment is used to decontaminate, purify and clean particles as an important step in crime scene restoration.
  • Safe Biohazard Disposal Protocol requires high attention to detail when following procedures laid out for safe handling, transportation and disposal of hazardous or infectious waste materials.

Bloodborne Pathogens

Blood is a known carrier of numerous diseases including HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Bloodborne pathogens can be very hazardous for anyone who comes in contact. Large Blood Spills must be handled with a scientific approach. All surfaces that can be decontaminated must be handled carefully. Any blood soaked items that cannot be sanitized must be disposed of properly.

Crime Scene Restoration Service

Contact Crime Scene Inc. for discreet and professional Crime Scene Restoration Services in the Maryland area. Our technicians have undergone training on how to safely decontaminate and restore the trauma scene as well as compassion when dealing with family and loved ones of the murder victim. Murder Cleaning requires more than just technical training. Death cleanup requires tact, knowledge and understanding.

In Maryland, contact the Crime Scene Sanitation Experts at Crime Scene Inc. Toll Free 1-844-ALL-BIO2 (844-255-2462) or fill out our Online Form.