Professional Meth Lab Cleanup Services MD

Meth Manufacturing Cleanup MDWhen you hear about the dangers of meth you often think about the drug itself. What you may not realize is that the manufacturing of this drug creates a variety of health risks if found in or around your MD home. The residue that can be left after meth manufacturing can be extremely dangerous to humans. If you think that your home may have been a place where meth was cooked in the past, it’s time to call a professional like Maryland Recovery to take care of the problem quickly and efficiently.

Full Disclosure – Meth Lab Cleanup is Dangerous!

When you happen upon an area that may have been contaminated by meth it is always best to hire an experienced company to handle the meth lab cleanup. The health risks of meth are extremely serious, which is why at Bio Recovery we stress the importance of using a professional meth lab cleanup team. Some of the common health risks that can occur when exposed to methamphetamine include:

  • Skin irritations
  • Severe headaches
  • Chemical poison
  • Breathing issues
  • Risk of fire or explosion
  • Possibly death

As you can see exposure to methamphetamine is not something that should be taken lightly. The health problems listed above show how serious of a drug this can be not only for those who use it, but also for those who are exposed to it, which can include family members and even children.

Meth Lab Remediation Process

At Bio Recovery we work extremely hard to assess the area and develop a cleanup plan as quickly as possible. Below is our standard remediation process to ensure your home is returned to a habitable condition.

  • Indoor Evaluation – We first start with a visual inspection of the inside of the dwelling to take note of any stains, residues, or strong odors that could be evidence of a meth lab. An indoor evaluation includes:
    • Air Testing – We perform air testing to check for chemicals that could be harmful using a photoionization detector.
    • Corrosive Testing – We then perform corrosive testing to see if any corrosive residues were left behind.
    • Methamphetamine Testing – We then check for meth residue all throughout the home.
    • Documentation – Finally we document all of our findings to develop a meth cleanup plan.
  • Outdoor Evaluation – After performing our indoor tests, we go outside to determine the levels of meth. This process includes:
    • Visual Inspection – We look for signs of burning and dumping of waste, which is common with meth labs.
    • Field Screening – We take samples of soil as well as ash samples to screen for volatile materials.
    • Documentation – Next we take detailed notes to help perform a full meth lab cleanup plan.

Contact Maryland Recovery Today To Handle Your Meth Lab Cleanup

As you can see, cleaning up after a meth lab is serious business! If you suspect a MD home or office that you own has been used as a meth lab, contact us immediately so that we can minimize the damage to your property as well as to your health. Call us 24/7 at 855-700-4960.