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Crime Scene Cleaners Washington DC

Washington DC Crime CleanersEvery time you turn on the TV or check out the news on the Internet, you cannot help but see a story about a violent crime, or a trauma that recently happened in your local area. While these events are sad and may make you pause momentarily because they occurred nearby, nothing can prepare you for the shock and emotional pain if a tragic death or violent crime happens to a close friend or family member. One thing that the news seems to leave out of their stories about these events is the need for a reputable crime scene cleanup team immediately after a tragic event. Read Full Post

Tear Gas Cleanup Baltimore Maryland

Baltimore MD Tear Gas CleanupThere are times in which law enforcement is forced to use tear gas as a method of keeping an area safe by subduing individuals who are not responding to usual communication strategies. Tear gas is a chemical that actually stimulates glands in the eyes to cause tears. It also can cause vomiting, pain and even temporary blindness. Tear gas is effective in containing a very volatile situation but also leaves behind chemicals and residue that can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Read Full Post

Crime Scene Cleaners Baltimore MD

Crime Scene Cleanup Baltimore MDToday is a great day to be living in Baltimore, MD. Our overall crime rates have decreased dramatically since the year 2000. However, crimes in Baltimore still exist. In 2012 alone, there were 218 murders, 315 rapes, and 7,770 burglaries. As much as we would like to think that a crime won’t be committed against us, sometimes the inevitable does happen. If you have the unfortunate luck of dealing with the aftermath of a crime scene, you know that it can be a devastating and almost nearly impossible task. Read Full Post