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Trauma Cleanup Specialists Washington DC

Washington DC Trauma CleaningWhen a trauma happens in your home, at your place of business, on your property, or in your vehicle, you and your loved ones are left in shock, faced with the aftermath of a very unsettling event. Most often, traumas are entirely unexpected and suddenly you must face many emotions, questions and responsibilities that you may not be prepared for. One of the most difficult things to consider is how best to handle the cleanup after the trauma. Maryland Recovery specializes in trauma cleanup, crime scene cleanup, accidental death cleanup and unattended death cleanup in Washington, DC area. Read Full Post

Trauma Cleanup Services Washington DC

Washington DC Trauma CleaningTrauma can affect anyone in all walks of life. Traumatic situations can range from the scene of an auto accident, physical mishap, suicide or violent crime. Restoring Trauma Scenes takes an individual with specialized training and safety equipment. At Maryland Recovery we approach each trauma scene with the utmost attention to safety and the emotional well-being of all involved. Our technicians are Certified Crime Cleaners who follow all necessary procedures when dealing with the potential hazards of… Read Full Post

Blood Cleanup Washington DC

Blood Cleanup Services Washington DCBlood is vital to the existence of mankind. It courses through your veins bringing with it life itself. Human blood and other body fluids are considered potentially infectious materials that may also carry disease causing bloodborne pathogens. Proper Blood Cleanup Protocol must be strictly followed in the case of a serious accident or blood loss event. Crime Scene Inc. is a team of professionals in the Washington DC community. We provide Blood Cleanup Services including… Read Full Post