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Hoarding Cleanup MD

Hoarding Help MarylandSure, we all enjoy collecting items or memorabilia that have a special place in our heart. Collecting is not a bad thing, as long as it is properly managed. As much as some people do not want to admit it, some of these individuals that began collecting items slowly turn into hoarders. Studies have shown that the average age of a hoarder is 50 years old. If you or someone that you know in the Maryland area struggles with hoarding in the household, it is important that professional cleanup help is provided quickly. Read Full Post

Hoarding Cleanup Help Frederick MD

Frederick MD Hoarding HelpIf you or a loved one has a hoarding disorder, you know the symptoms and the consequences. Hoarding is characterized by having extreme difficulty throwing away or getting rid of possessions. The result of a hoarding disorder is excessive accumulation of all kinds of items, regardless of whether they have monetary or sentimental value. In extreme cases, the items can literally overtake one’s living space, and can even cause safety concerns by blocking entrances and exits… Read Full Post